Drs. N.D. Sewnandan | Geestbrugweg 49, Rijswijk | 06 - 15413672

Natascha Sewnandan, MA

Natascha Sewnandan, MA    For more information or an appointment for a free intake, call 06-15413672 or send your email to n.sewnandan@planet.nl


My name is Natascha Sewnandan and I have been teaching English for more than 18 years. I have an official university certificate for it. I teach English to students of all nationalities. So, if you don't speak Dutch, that's no problem. A little English is enough to learn a lot more.

You can study English for your work, education, daily life and/or just for fun at all levels. From A1 (beginner), A2, B1, B2, all the way up to and including C1 (advanced) and C2 (proficient).   

You can study alone or with some friends, colleagues, etc. As a duo or group of three/four, it's also cheaper.

I have my own classroom at Geestbrugweg 49 in Rijswijk (a town near Delft/The Hague). It's a central location and easy to get to by tram (nr 1 and 15), bus (nr 23), car or bicycle.

location classroom Rijswijk

Before every course, you get a free intake to discuss the material, your wishes and how much time we need for it. For some material for one or two specific skills, it can take 24 hours, for other material for all skills it can take 36 hours to make progress.The price for the material itself can vary from about  €25 to €65.

You can come to my classroom for an individual course or for a course for yourself with 1 or 2 other people that you know.


general English

English for your job


€35,00 per hour

€40,00 per hour

2 people

€18,50 per person per hour

€25,00 per person per hour

3 people

€13,50 per person per hour

€20,00 per person per hour

4 people

€10,00 per person per hour

€17,50 per person per hour

You can call or email me about your wishes. Maybe you want to learn how to write emails or give presentations at work. It's important for me to know your wishes, so I can choose the best material.